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    WE BUILD Great
    All our consultants are highly experienced and have a passion for architecting
    IT solutions and providing customer satisfaction
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    All our consultants are highly experienced and have a passion
    for architecting IT solutions and providing customer satisfaction


Smart Source provides Advisory services based on proven, repeatable methodologies that provide unbiased vendor-neutral recommendations, architecture blueprints and implementation roadmaps. We help you define the right strategy and select appropriate technologies and vendors based on your requirements and budget. We also ensure it complements your existing legacy systems, hardware, data warehouse and BI investments. Our consultants have a comprehensive view of the many options available and help you evaluate both commercial product vendors and Open Source options depending on your timeline and budget.


We Deliver effective, highly scalable, secure, high performance applications. Reduce your risk, implementation time and cost. Our team of experts partner with you to design proof-of-concept prototypes utilizing The best and suitable technologies. On successful validation of the prototype, we help you to scale and deploy your solution whether it is bigdata, datawarehousing, business analytics, enterprise application or a hosted service to a production-grade implementation. Smart Source also provides cost-effective maintenance, support, and optimization of your solutions.


Smart Source provides managed application maintenance and support at varying levels to meet your exact needs. We manage applications built using a wide variety of technologies. Our services include pro-active monitoring, root-cause analysis, preventative maintenance, service continuity and continuous improvement in the stability and availability of applications. We apply a strong service delivery methodology that is based on known error databases (KEDBs), cookbooks and standard operating procedures. We meet or exceed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Business Level Agreements (BLAs).

Our Clients and Partners

We are passionate about solving problems, and we know that no single individual, organisation or even sector can do it alone. Therefore we adopt a cross-sector approach to our clients and partners, working with diverse organisations that are nevertheless unified in their ability and desire to deliver better social value.