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System Integration

System Integration

Our SI consultants have skills and competency around not just the technical aspects of an integrator’s role, but areas such as problem solving, business, communication, leadership, etc.. Coupled with technical experts in different platforms and technologies, Smart Source prides itself in architecting and delivering highly scalable, secure, stable and successful solutions to our customers.

Much has been written about Cloud Computing, Big Data and Analytics. This inevitably leads to the subject of integrating all of the wonderful technology we have at our disposal. At Smart Source our consultants are technology agnostic which makes it possible for us to understand your needs and propose a solution that fits your needs. We fully understand that not all clients know exactly what they want and not all clients can list out all the requirements at the start. We believe in understanding your business objectives and desired outcomes and help develop a picture of future success rather than needing you to spell out the exact requirements.

We have certified and trained professionals in all leading software giants products such as Microsoft, Google, Cisco, IBM, HP, AWS, Apple, VMWare etc. At the same time we have highly experienced open source professionals with vast experience in Open Source products such as Openstack, Linux, XenServer, Apache, Tomcat, HAproxy, Ubuntu, MySQL, Hadoop, Cassandra etc.. Our consultants are trained in getting the right mix of these technologies and products that meets the customer objectives, budgets and timelines. For example we can implement a complete end-to-end open source solution vs a solution that comprises of completely commercial products, or a solution that mixes and matches various products based on existing customer infrastructure and licensing needs.

Architecture For System integration

Our Solution

Smart Source has the ability to customize your existing legacy systems, or integrate newer technologies to your existing backend services, or migrate your legacy systems to new and improved technologies or customizing and developing APIs for extending your current systems.