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Our Product solutions offer you cost-effective, proven solutions to manage and optimise your mobile workforce. So, your enterprise can leapfrog with cost and performance gains and deliver better service to your customers, on time and on target, anywhere worldwide.

World SMS

Want to let your customers know about your latest promotions at their finger tips immediately? Use a media that they will definitely read and pay attention to – SMS. With World SMS, you can now roll out your mobile marketing campaign more effectively in minutes. For as low as 5¢ per SMS, keep your customers informed on your latest promotions and updates. Now that will increase your revenue and the success of your mobile campaign.

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Smart Track

Instantly locate your entire fleet with up-to-the-minute position. Enhance your productivity and customer service with an intelligent system that is maintenance-free and easily scalable as you increase your workforce. No heavy investment in systems and equipment required. All you need is to equip your fleet with a GPS-enabled phone and subscribe to our service to get right on track!

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Smart Dispatch

Trace your jobs as they are being carried out by your mobile workforce with up-to-the-minute reporting. A web-based work dispatch management service, Smart Dispatch allows you to easily assign, confirm and view completed jobs right from your computer screen. What’s more, you mobile can access job information, such as customer information and job details, on any handheld device, including mobile phones and PDAs. No expensive investment in systems and equipment required. All you need is to equip your mobile workforce with a WAP- enabled phone and subscribe to Smart Dispatch. Read more

Instant Messaging

Ejabberd is an XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) application server for instant messaging, presence and multi-party chat. It also comes with WebRTC support for voice and video communications.

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