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Our Development using backend and frontend processing in which the client or user interface runs in a web browser. Common web applications and mobile applications include webmail, online retail sales, online auctions, instant messaging services and many other functions.

List of Development

Backend Development

The back end comprises three parts: the server, your database, any APIs, and a back-end web application, software written via server-side languages. The server is a powerful computer that runs the back-end software, the database houses your site’s data, and the software communicates between the two. For example, if a user is updating a profile on a networking site, the server-side scripts will gather the information the user enters, the application will process it on the server, then interact with the database to update that information there.

Frontend Development

We give life to your concepts through screenshots, prototypes, and UX models. Our project development teams deliver high-quality apps and deploy them across desired platforms and app stores. Then, our marketing team can help you with the appropriate campaigns and messaging to get the app on the devices of your target market. Smart Source helps you through the entire lifecycle of the project creating a high quality product with the end goal in mind.