Instantly locate your entire fleet with up-to-the-minute position. Enhance your productivity and customer service with an intelligent system that is maintenance-free and easily scalable as you increase your workforce.

No heavy investment in systems and equipment required. All you need is to equip your fleet with a GPS-enabled phone and subscribe to our service to get right on track!

Get On Track With Smart Track
Locate nearest vehicle instantly
Reduce fleet mileage
Reduce labour costs
Monitor working hours
Increase business productivity
Improve customer service
Win business confidence
Improve accountability and make better decision

Smart Track Features

  • Real-Time Tracking:
    Track your vehicles with up-to-the minute position of your vehicles.
  • Historical Tracking:
    Playback historical route travelled by your mobile workforce up to 3 months ago.
  • Report and Analysis:
    Print or export historical report, with data showing location, time & date, to the spreadsheet for further analysis.
  • User Admin Configuration:
    Configure your setting, such as driver information, vehicle information and user profile.

How it works

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