Trace your jobs as they are being carried out by your mobile workforce with up-to-the-minute reporting.

A web-based work dispatch management service, Smart Dispatch allows you to easily assign, confirm and view completed jobs right from your computer screen.

What’s more, you mobile can access job information, such as customer information and job details, on any handheld device, including mobile phones and PDAs.

No expensive investment in systems and equipment required. All you need is to equip your mobile workforce with a WAP- enabled phone and subscribe to Smart Dispatch.

Get The Edge With Smart Dispatch
Assign and confirm jobs wirelessly
View job status in real-time
Communicate job details accurately
Reduce cost of operations
Increase business productivity
Improve customer service
Win business confidence
Grows with your company

Smart Dispatch Features

  • Job Dispatch Management
    Manage your mobile workforce from this user-friendly interface. Define, adjust and assign daily job schedules with only a few clicks.
  • View Job
    Keep track of your jobs as they progress. Get an overview of all job status by JobID and job distribution on one screen.
  • Two-way Messaging
    Send and receive order status, updates and messages accurately, and minimise miscommunication.
  • Report & Analysis
    Print or export your job management reports to spreadsheets for further analysis.
  • User-friendly Interface
    Easy-to-use and customisable with your company logo and job status, Smart Dispatch can be integrated into your workflow with minimal downtime.
  • WAP-enabled Phone
    Lets you receive, manage and update jobs and communicate effectively with coordinators by sending and receiving messages.

How Smart Dispatch Works


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